Course curriculum

    1. We're so glad you're here

    2. Meet Ashley

    3. Meet Dawn

    4. Join the Facebook group

    1. Comparing Accounting Software (& why QuickBooks is the best)

    2. Which subscription is right for you?

    3. Let's show you around

    4. New Navigation Panel (watch this if your QBO looks different!)

    5. Bookkeeping Checklist (what to do and when to do it)

    6. Scheduling quarterly money dates

    1. Getting setup for success

    2. What is a Chart of Accounts?

    3. Get fancy and add your branding!

    4. Time to get paid!

    5. The rarely needed purchase order settings

    6. Let's get advanced

    7. Your business, Your services

    1. Banking Center

    2. Excluding Transactions

    3. Categorizing Expenses

    4. Dealing with Returns and Refunds

    5. Depositing Money

    6. Transferring Money

    7. Using Rules

    8. Adding Tags

    9. Saving Receipts

    1. Getting to know the customer section

    2. Need to add multiple customers at once?

    3. Nitty gritty of navigating the sales section

    4. Digging deeper into the sales section

    5. Invoice your customers directly through Quickbooks

    6. Should you charge late fees?

    7. Customizing Invoice Templates

    1. Getting to know the vendors section

    2. Pay Your Employees

    3. Setting up Sales Tax

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